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Bulldog Club of America

Bulldog Club of America

Northern California Bulldog Rescue

Northern California Bulldog Rescue

American Kennel Club, Inc.

American Kennel Club, Inc.

BCNC Breeder's Code of Ethics

The Bulldog Club of Northern California, Inc. (BCNC) in keeping with its aims of encouraging the development of finer Bulldogs has adopted the following Breeders Code of Ethics to promote and foster the highest standards among breeders and owners and to encourage cooperation in the improvement, advancement and protection of our breed. All Members involved with breeding Bulldogs shall abide by this Breeders Code of Ethics.


  • Members bear a responsibility to the future of the breed. When breeding a bitch or stud, Members shall be conscientious about controlling and eliminating inherited problems, and shall use the AKC standard as the guide for all breedings, with emphasis on exemplary breed type, stable temperament, health, elimination of disqualifying physical faults, and with consistent betterment of the breed in mind.
  • Members will not engage in wholesaling litters or in individual sales or consignments of pups or adults to pet shops, dealers, catalog houses or other commercial establishments, nor shall they be donated or given as prizes in contests, raffles, or fundraising events, no matter how charitable. Bulldogs will not be bred as a money-making business.
  • Foreign Bulldogs used for breeding shall meet all requirements of their country of registration.
  • All animals to be bred shall have sound, typical structure, conformation and type, and shall be of sound temperament and free from crippling or disabling hereditary defects. Members will assure that all breeding stock meets the best health and physical condition. Unless from a foreign registry, all breeding stock shall be AKC registered.
  • A breeder shall refrain from using an individual who, although free from such hereditary defects, consistently produces afflicted offspring from different mates.
  • Members shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of advancing and protecting the breed, and only when they are in a position to give proper care to both bitch and offspring. The owner of a bitch, if inexperienced, should consult with the breeder of the dog they own or another experienced breeder before undertaking any breeding.
  • Members will keep accurate records and retain them for the duration required by AKC; these records will include: pedigree of all litters of puppies for sale and all dogs/puppies sold.

Breeding Practices: Bitch

  • Recognizing the extended growth pattern of the Bulldog, the breeder shall not breed the bitch prior to 18 months of age or prior to her second season. Members shall not breed more than three litters with the same bitch, or any bitch over six years old.
  • Members will ensure that a bitch receives complete and proper care during pregnancy and while nursing.

Breeding Practices: Stud

  • If the stud has not been bred before, or has not produced a live litter, or has had sperm viability issues in the past, such information shall be provided to the bitch owner before the bitch is accepted for breeding.
  • Prior to accepting any bitch for service, it is the obligation of the stud owner to advise novice breeders of the responsibilities, problems, obligations and expenses involved in breeding a litter.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the stud owner to ascertain that any bitch brought to his stud shall meet the requirements of the BCNC Breeders Code of Ethics, whether owned by a club Member or not. The stud owner shall further ascertain to the best of his ability that any produce of the breeding shall be raised and sold in a manner in keeping with the ethical standards of this Breeders Code of Ethics. The stud owner shall supply any bitch owner who is not a BCNC Member with a copy of this Breeders Code of Ethics and explain its provisions.
  • The owner of the stud dog has an obligation to all dogs sired by his male(s). Therefore, if the owner of the bitch (breeder of the litter) refuses to take responsibility for the dogs produced, the owner of the stud dog shall assume the responsibility for rehoming.

Breeding Practices: Puppies

  • Breeders will see that all puppies receive complete and proper veterinary care from whelping until placed with their permanent owners.
  • Breeders will give all puppies continuous close human contact to assure proper socialization to people.
  • Breeders will not allow a puppy to leave for its new home before the age of 8 weeks.


  • Breeders shall sell only to responsible persons who agree to provide the highest quality of care, including socialization and training.
  • There will be a written contract between the seller and buyer for all puppies and dogs sold delineating the specific requirements to abide by the BCNC Breeders Code of Ethics.
  • Breeders will supply a copy of the Breeders Code of Ethics to all buyers and explain to them its provisions.
  • Breeders shall supply the AKC full, or limited, individual registration form to all buyers, or a written guarantee that it shall be supplied on completion of sale, or per the written contract agreement.
  • Any Bulldog sold under the designation "pet/companion" shall be sold without full registration papers and on a mandatory spay/neuter contract. A breeder may supply full registration papers upon proof of sterilization or upon the breeder's reassessment of the animal as being of "show/breeding" quality.
  • A breeder shall not offer a buyer the choice of purchasing the same pup for one price with full registration and another price with limited registration. A breeder may choose to change a registration from limited to full at a later date. The buyer may be offered this option which may be contingent upon a change of contract and terms but not contingent upon payment of an additional price.
  • Breeders shall sell or place only Bulldogs which are, to the best of the breeder's knowledge, in good health, unless health conditions are fully disclosed in writing to the new owner.
  • Bulldogs being sold or placed shall have had all the necessary inoculations and worming for their age, along with records which detail all dates and types of medical care given, including vaccinations, and a dated veterinary health check.
  • Breeders will supply a pedigree of no less than (3) generations.
  • Breeders will request that buyers take their pup to a veterinarian of their choice within 10 days of receipt or other reasonable period, consistent with local law. If the pup is deemed unhealthy or if the buyer is not satisfied that the pup is as represented by the breeder, the breeder shall offer the buyers a full refund of the purchase price paid. (All shipping to be paid by the buyer.)
  • Breeders are required to microchip all puppies prior to placement in their new homes.
  • Members recognize that they have a lifetime responsibility for dogs they produce and/or own, and the inherent obligation to provide a stable environment that protects each Bulldog's physical and emotional well being. This includes fostering or rehoming any progeny from their breedings when necessary and encouraging buyers to notify them if they are ever unable to keep their Bulldog. Breeders should always be available to buyers for whatever reasonable advice and assistance they may need for the life of the dog.
  • At the time of sale, breeders will supply a BCNC membership application and Club information for each buyer (who is not already a BCNC member) and who is living in BCNC's purview.

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