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So, You Want a Bulldog Puppy ...

So that you don't repeat the mistakes made by many first-time Bulldog owners, here are some helpful hints for selecting that first puppy.


Contact the Bulldog Club Nearest You

BCNC maintains a Breeder Referral program that provides a directory of breeders who subscribe to our Club's code of ethics.

Don't Buy the First Puppy You See

The Bulldog's appearance, personality, and temperament vary. See as many litters and adult dogs as possible to be sure that you know what you want. Color should be your last consideration. Responsible breeders don't have puppies available all the time, so finding the right puppy may take some time. Be willing to wait, the right puppy will be worth it.

Buy From a Breeder

Bulldogs are a man-made breed that is subject to a variety of inherent health problems. Responsible breeders will be open and honest about health problems or congenital abnormalities in their lines. Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers.

Study the Bulldog Standard

Compare not only the puppy you are considering but its parents to the Standard. If you have questions, BCNC board members, or most Club members, will be able to assist you.

Look For Good Temperament

Adult Bulldogs or puppies should NOT be shy or aggressive. Whenever possible, check the temperament of both parents as well as that of the puppy. Ask the breeder about any known temperament problems, whether people or dog related.

Obtain a Contract That Explains All Terms and Conditions of the Sale.

If You Are Looking Solely for a Companion Animal, Spay or Neuter Your Puppy at the Earliest Recommended Age.

Spaying or neutering will contribute to the animal's health and make it a better pet. It will also eliminate the possibility of reproductive organ cancers (mammary, testicular, etc.). Remember, you are adding a new member to your family, not investing in future earnings.

The Price You Pay for Your Puppy is But Your First Expense and Probably the Least of the Expenses You Will Incur.

After talking to a breeder, seeing the puppies, and asking questions, if you have any hesitations, don't like the answers, or don't agree with the terms of the sale—WALK AWAY!

Source: Original BCNC article.

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